Storm Sewer Installation


Gradex’s Storm Sewer Installation crews have a long tenure at Gradex.  The majority of our storm sewer crews have been together for over 10 years.  Along with the field experience  that our crews have obtained though installing thousands of feet of pipe each year, Gradex crews utilize modern technology via GPS and Lasers to guarantee the pipe is laid at the proper slope and the proper depth.  Gradex owns a large inventory of different types of shoring and dewatering systems to guarantee that no installation is outside of our capability.  Over the years, Gradex has installed everything ranging from 6″ underdrain up to 108″ pipe, up to 16’x9′ box culverts, up to 33’x13′ three sided culverts.  Pipe types that have been installed by our crews have included: HDPE, RCP, HP, A-2000, Hobas, steel multi-plate and more.  No storm utility project is too large or too small for Gradex Storm Sewer Crews to accomplish.