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Road Sawing

Gradex Road Sawing crews are capable of cutting through any road surface cleanly and quickly.

Gradex owns a self-propelled diesel road saw capable of handling a 48″ blade to allow us to provide clean pavement joints between existing and new surfaces.  Owning this type of equipment allows us to more efficiently schedule and perform the sawing task so we are not delaying a project schedule due to another sub-contractor’s overbooked schedule. 

We are also capable of cutting outside of our own projects;

please feel free to call, text, or e-mail our Operations Manager, Chad Arterburn at (317) 294-9532 or carterburn@gradexinc.com if you are in need of road sawing services.

Gradex, Inc.

Family founded in 1973, to concentrate on grading, excavation, and related site work.

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