Site Development

Gradex’s Site Development services include an accumulation of all of the services Gradex has to offer.

Mass Excavation

Gradex’s Mass Excavation crews are led by seasoned foremen, in which most have more than 15 years with Gradex. 

Storm Sewer Installation

Gradex’s Storm Sewer Installation crews have a long tenure at Gradex. 

Sanitary Sewer Installation

Gradex’s Sanitary Sewer Installation crews have installed countless feet of pipe throughout their years of service to the company.

Water Main Installation

Gradex’s Water Main Installation crews install thousands of feet of water main each year.  Typical water main pipe laid is either ductile iron, C-900, or DR-11.

Aggregate and Coal Stripping

Aggregate and Coal Stripping projects have always been a part of what Gradex has accomplished since it’s founding in 1973.

Roadway Preparation/Stone Subgrade Install/Fine Grading

Gradex’s Roadway Preparation/Stone Subgrade Installation/Fine Grading crews have the ability and equipment to quickly, efficiently, and accurately prepare a surface to a certain grade.

Demolition of Existing Building/Structures

Gradex’s Demolition of Existing Buildings/Structures crews have the ability to safely demolish houses, barns, small commercial buildings, and more from your project site.

Forestry Clearing

Gradex’s Forestry Clearing Division is capable of handling all tree clearing operations both large and small.

Gradex Transportation, Inc. – Heavy Hauling

Gradex Transportation, Inc., an affiliate of Gradex, Inc., is fully equipped to handle any of your heavy hauling needs.

Road Sawing

Gradex Road Sawing crews are capable of cutting through any road surface cleanly and quickly. 

Hydro-Excavation Services

Gradex’s Hydro-Excavation Services include (2) state-of-the-art hydro-excavation trucks capable of quickly and efficiently performing any non-destructive excavation to safely locate and expose underground utilities.

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