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Roadway Preparation
Stone Subgrade Install
Fine Grading

Gradex’s Roadway Preparation/Stone Subgrade Installation/Fine Grading crews have the ability and equipment to quickly, efficiently, and accurately prepare a surface to a certain grade.

Gradex uses the latest in technology to complete these tasks such as Universal Total Stations (UTS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and lasers on our equipment.  The electronic files built by professional surveyors, along with the systems on the equipment, allow Gradex to accurately finish a surface to the desired grade.

Whether following behind chemically stabilized subgrade treatment, installing stone subgrade treatment, or grading non-modified dirt, Gradex’s crews will accurately grade out the surface.  The equipment we use reduces the amount of traditional staking that is needed on the project, thus reducing the amount of error there is within traditional staking, assuring project owners that their plans are going to be built accuracy per the drawings and specifications.

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Family founded in 1973, to concentrate on grading, excavation, and related site work.

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